Water Trails

Grab Life by the Water Trails! The Allegheny River, Oil Creek and French Creek waterways offer a host of fishing, boating, kayaking, skiing opportunities – just about anything you can think about doing on the water. Okay, there are not many surfing opportunities but if you can do it on a river or a lake, you can do it on the Oil Region’s rivers, creeks, and lakes.

Middle Allegheny River Water Trail

The Wild and Scenic Allegheny River flows through the heart of the Oil Region as the Middle Allegheny River Water Trail. The river changes moods from wide, deep, quiet water to rapids near Oil City best left to experienced kayakers. It is navigable year-round and available to anglers, small boats and powered boats towing skiers. For more information visit PA Fish and Boat’s website.

French Creek Water Trail

French Creek flows into the Allegheny at Franklin, but before it does it shares a wealth of fishing, kayaking, canoeing, birding, and wildlife-watching opportunities. A designated Water Trail, French Creek has historical significance in early regional history from native American’s to George Washington. For more information, visit The French Creek Watershed’s website.

Oil Creek

Oil Creek is a quiet stream with great flyfishing that belies its role as the “The Valley That Changed the World.” Following Edwin Drake’s oil discovery at Titusville, the trees on the hills above Oil Creek were quickly replaced by oil derricks as “black gold fever” struck the region. That was 150 years ago. The hills are re-covered with dense woods and the stream that felt the ravages of uncontrolled oil production has recovered to become a great place to learn canoeing or find one of many great local fishing holes. For more information visit Oil Creek State Park’s website.

Justus Lake

Located in Two Mile Run County Park, Justus lake offers 140 or so acres of fishing and boating opportunities along with Crosby Beach and multiple trails and amenities. For more information, visit the Park’s website.

Kahle Lake

Kahle Lake, on the border of Clarion and Venango counties, is a 251-acre state reservoir that provides recreational fishing and boating options. The lake is part of the Big Bass program with excellent largemouth bass fishing. Other species include tiger muskellunge, walleye, crappie, and perch. Two boat launches with parking allow access for boats powered by electric motors and un-powered boats. For more information, visit the PA Fish & Boat Commission website.