History Trails

Grab Life by the History Trails! From native Americans to George Washington, Edwin Drake and John D. Rockefeller, the Oil Region has helped shape the history of the World. Much of the region’s unique architecture, including entire Victorian neighborhoods remain to tell of the wealth and progress represented by the “Valley that Changed the World.”

Washington’s Trail

This driving route follows George Washington’s first venture north in 1753-1754. For more information, visit Washingtonstrail.org or Washington’s Trail 1753.

Victorian Architecture

The Oil Region is a wonderful resource for Victorian Architecture surviving from the great era of oil wealth. For more information visit oilregion.org’s Victorian page.

Oil History

What would the Oil Region be without oil history? Or, for that matter, what would oil history be without the oil region? For more information about oil history, visit the Oil 150 website.

Historical Markers

Over 30 historical markers can be found in the Oil Region. For more information, visit the PA Historical & Museum website.