About Us

We are the trail builders, shop owners, retail outlets, artists, sportsman, hotels, bed and breakfasts, museums, towns and other people and places of the Oil Region, encompassing all of Venango County and part of eastern Crawford County in northwest Pennsylvania. We are bounded at our southern border by I-80 so we’re easy to get to. Our region is a rural community of safe, quiet small towns, tree-covered hills and open fields, and clean, clear waterways. We would love to share what we love about our region with you. Our neighbors also offer opportunities that will enhance your stay in the Oil Region.

We are called the Oil Region because Edwin Drake drilled the first commercially viable oil well just outside Titusville in 1859. The resulting oil boom rushed down the Oil Creek valley, spilled over into nearby counties, and flowed across the nation and around the globe, ushering in the age of petroleum and supplying the engines of industry and energy that fueled the industrial age. The region is called “the valley that changed the world.” Oil is still produced in small volumes but the rolling hills and valleys, once cleared of vegetation to build thousands of oil derricks, are reclaimed by natural deciduous forests. The Oil Region’s natural assets provide some of the most beautiful landscapes and exciting, year-round, family friendly outdoor recreation available in the country.

Oil Region Alliance

This site is managed by the Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry & Tourism, Venango County Pennsylvania’s Tourist Promotion Agency. For more information about the Alliance, visit their website at oilregion.org. Go to the Contact page to contact us.